WWDC21 Platforms State of the Unionの雑メモ

Xcode Cloud

  • Provide REST APIs
  • Code Signing
  • Publish to TestFlight/AppStore
  • Post result to Slack channel
  • Can check screenshots of UITests
  • Review feature on Xcode
  • Check crash logs and feedbacks from TestFlight users


  • Swift Concurrency (async/await)
    • New keyword actor which can be used as similar as struct
    • @MainActor decoration to ensure method is executed on Main thread (UI Thread)


  • Rewrite Map/Photos/Shortcuts/Weather/Payment sheet/Find My by SwiftUI
  • Pull-to-refresh .refrechable
  • search bar .searchable

Swift Playgrounds

  • Publish app to AppStore


  • RealityKit2
  • Create 3D Model (Object Capture)


  • Selective Shader Debugger


  • Interruption Level API
    • Passive (silent)
    • Active (same with current)
    • Time Sensitive (keep on screen until check)
    • Critical (notify even if muting)
  • Sync focus mode status with Apps
  • Screen Time API
  • Group Activity Framework
    • Reliable Data Channel
    • E2E encryption